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Insulation - Auckland

Solvd is a full-service insulation company. We supply, install, remove and top up insulation in homes and Commercial properties throughout Auckland city and Greater Auckland, from Pukekohe to Orewa.

Experienced Insulation Installers

Everyone deserves to live in a dry, warm and healthy home. Quality insulation can create year-round comfort and significant energy savings. Solvd’s Auckland team of installers only use the best insulation materials, from trusted manufacturers. We install BRANZ-appraised insulation to the correct thickness and to NZS4246 standards.

Auckland Insulation Experts

  • Full Ceiling Polyester insulation
  • Underfloor Polyester insulation
  • Moisture Barriers
  • Wall insulation: Thermal & Acoustic
  • Garage & Garage Door insulation (better for Electrical Vehicles too)
  • Blow In insulation for internal walls & mid-floors (non-combustible glasswool)
  • Top-Up Insulation Blanket
  • Commercial insulation, incl. metal buildings

Our remedial insulation work can include removing old, dirty, contaminated and dangerous insulation, and ceiling space cleaning, sanitising/decontamination.

We got you covered: we’re on call 24/7 and never miss a deadline.
  • BRANZ Appraised- NZS4246 standards
  • Residential Insulation
  • Commercial Insulation

Healthy Homes Standards

For rental properties, Solvd can assess whether existing insulation complies with the Insulation Standard; does the insulation need to be topped up to reach the minimum thickness.

Solvd also provides Draught Stopping. E.g. Air Barrier seals, caulking and sealing, to block unreasonable gaps that allow draughts in or out; also important for complying with the Healthy Homes Draught Stopping Standard.

See our Healthy Homes Compliance page.

Polyester Insulation

Solvd has specialist expertise in Polyester insulation. Highly regarded for its thermal benefits, Polyester is proven to also have premium noise cancelling and noise absorbing qualities, compared to other insulation options.

  • Long life: 50+ years durability rating
  • Strong & durable: Able to be moved later/walked on
  • Non-itchy: The dust/fibres aren’t small enough to enter pores & create irritation
  • Odourless & neutral
  • Can be stapled into place (subfloor)

Non-breathable Fibres Polyester insulation does not contain breathable fibres – an important characteristic to limit irritation for people with severe dust allergies or asthma.

Made from Recycled Plastics The Polyester insulation Solvd uses is manufactured from at least 45% recycled plastics, by a process called thermal bonding. The insulation can also be recycled again. Tough and durable, it can last over 50 years and is resistant to slumping and moisture absorption.

Insulation Process

Book a free Assessment: We’ll check your property and provide a Quote on the spot! When the insulation work is completed, it’s checked and Certified.

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